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The Burn Bans Have Been Lifted

No Burn Ban Within Mountain View Fire & Rescue


Click here for more information on the King County Fire Marshal Office Burn Ban

Click Here to visit Puget Sound Clean Air's Web Site For the Most Up To Date Information

Updated Jan 7,2016

*Useful links regarding burning*

1. Map showing off limits burning area in our District
2. More detailed map of off limits burning area in Black Diamond

3. More detailed map of off limits burning for old District 17

4. What is a stage 1 burn ban?

5. Recreational fire information

6. Alternate places to dispose of yard waste

7. King County Fire Marshal Burn Ban Info

8. Puget Sound Clean Air

9. WA Burn Bans From WA DNR (King County)


To purchase a $5 burn permit, you may come into the Headquarters Station during business hours, 9:00am- 5:00pm Monday- Friday, or mail $5 in check or cash form to the Headquarters address which is located at the top of this page. Please include your name, address and phone number if you mail in the fee. Senior citizens 60 or older will not be charged a fee.

We are unable to process credit cards.

Burn Permit for a 4' x 4' x 3' area- $5.

Permits are valid for the burning of Natural Vegetation only, and subject to the rules and regulations of Washington State, King County, and the Fire District issuing permit. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in the forfeiture of permit and/or financial restitution to the Fire District for actions taken by the District to mitigate the permittees failure to follow these regulations and rules.

This permit is valid for the address listed only, and is non-transferable. This permit must be available for inspection by Fire Department Personnel while the permittee is burning vegetation. The Lea Hill Neighborhood and any property west of Highway 18 has been declared by Puget Sound Clean Air Agency as a permanent no burn area. No Burn Permits can be issued to Lea Hill residents.

III. Restrictions on Outdoor Fires.
It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or allow any outdoor fire;

3.1 During any stage of any air pollution episode or period of impaired air quality; or

3.2 Containing garbage, dead animals, asphalt, petroleum products, paints, rubber products, plastics or any substance other than natural vegetation which normally emits dense smoke or obnoxious odors; or

3.3 Other than the following types:

(1) Fires for instruction in the method of fighting fires (except forest fires).

(2) Fires associated with agricultural activities for controlling diseases, insects, weed abatement or development of physiological conditions conducive to increased crop yield, provided written confirmation has been furnished by a designated county extension agent or agricultural specialist designated by the Cooperative Extension Service that burning is the best management practice, and prior written approval has been issued by the Control Officer;

Fires no larger than four feet by four feet in diameter, consisting of leaves, clippings, pruning's, and other yard and gardening natural vegetation refuse originating on lands immediately adjacent and in close proximity to a human dwelling and burned on such lands by the property owner or his or her designee, provided a permit has been issued.

If a person starts a fire with a permit required by this resolution or if a permit holder fails to comply with any provision of this resolution pertaining to fire permits, or of any term or condition of the permit, and as a result of that failure the district is required to suppress a fire, the person or permit holder is liable to the district to reimburse it for the costs of the fire suppression services pursuant to RCW 52.12.108.

This permit may be cancelled at any time on complaint or danger of, violation of conditions, nuisance from smoke or fly ash, or if prevailing weather so warrants and the fire must be immediately extinguished. The Fire Chief and/or designee have the authority to ban any and all burning at any time.

No Burning Shall Take Place During The Following Periods;
· Burn Bans issued by the Fire Department.
· Burn Bans issued by Puget Sound Air Pollution Agency.
· The 4th of July, the day before and following.
· Labor Day weekend.

Burning may be limited during the months of June, July, and August.

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