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Fire Station 93
is being brought into the 21st Century!

The station is getting a roof 'face lift'. It's being switched from a flat roof to a pitched roof.

(Click on the picture to view it larger)

This is how the Station originally looked.

Preparation for the roof removal.

Rear view of the Station showing the preparation.

Inside of the hose tower before demolition.

Roof removed from the hose tower and Station. Starting tower demo.

Tower demo. Inch by inch, layer by layer!

More of the tower coming down.

View of the lower roof after roof tear off.

Tower demo with worker performing demo.

Upper roof tear off complete.

Hose tower is officially gone!

Assembly of the new roof starting.

Clean pallet to work with!

Assembly of tube steel.

Masonry header removed and prepping for up-to-date new door.

Installation of trusses on lower roof.

Drawing review and upper truss installation.

Trusses installed on lower roof.

Old siding removal.

New roof trusses installed. Side view.

Roof sheathing being installed. Side view.

New roof shingles installed. Side view.

Roof top view.


Gable view.

New garage door.

Gable view with garage door installed.

New siding being installed. Rear view.

Power hookup.

Rear view with new siding.

Rear view prepping for paint.

Bay door painted.

Siding gable end.

Beginning of paint.

Rear view. Paint complete!


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